Pieter Laurens Mol

De 3 Pyramiden van Breda, Ignatius Ziekenhuis, 1972.

Laurensmol_3piramiden_recto      Laurensmol_3piramiden_inside3

145 x 190 x 20 mm. This sculptural bookwork includes the artist’s hand-drawn illustrations, typed text and photographic work alongside a sand element inside. Edition of 15, signed and numbered 15/15. The bookwork is made of stiff card wraps taped with manila paper with a plywood interior. Recto features a sticker with a hand-drawn colour pencil illustration of Egyptian pyramids by Laurens-Mol. The title of the work is typed onto the recto cover. The inside includes 1 paper page with a hand-drawn picture of a sphinx in colour pencil. Below the text reads: ‘Sfinx van Koning Chephren + 60 M land. Op de achter gront de pyramiden van Cheops, Chephren en myce rinus, oude `rijk, Dyn. IV, + 2700-2560 Voor Christus’. After the paper page lies a wooden box glued to the back cover. The box is overlaid with a white passe-partout which frames behind glass a colour photographic print of the Ignatius Ziekenhuis building in Breda (the artist’s hometown), which has 3 pyramid shaped roofs. In between the passe-partout and the photograph is a 10mm deep layer of sand that moves freely around the framed image. A rare early bookwork. Condition: streak of water damage running from the top edge in a line down to the bottom of recto. Light staining/water damage to paper page.


LaurensMol_1 LaurensMol_2

Pieter Laurens Mol, Concrete Poem, 1974.


70 x 120 x 100 mm. Four cast concrete letters P, O, E and M tied together in string. Edition of 25. This set is numbered 14/25. An iconic sculpture that ironically, in our view, spelled the end of concrete poetry as it evolved in the 1970s into sculptural performance and other mediums. POA